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Ranks & rates

Admiral's rank insignia are worn on both sides of the collar. Line officer's rank and enlisted rate insignia are worn on right side of the collar.

Commissioned personnel

Fleet Admiral  
Adm. Owen Paris
Vice Admiral
VAdm. William J. Ross
Rear Admiral (upper half)
RAdm. (uh) Sitak
Rear Admiral (lower half)  
Capt. Benjamin L. Sisko
Cmdr. Beverly Crusher
Lieutenant Commander
Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge
Lt. Hawk
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lt. JG Nog
Ens. Ezri Dax

Enlisted personnel

Master Chief Petty Officer  
Senior Chief Petty Officer
SCPO Miles E. O'Brien
DS9 Children of Time
Chief Petty Officer  
Petty Officer 1st class  
Petty Officer 2nd class  
Petty Officer 3rd class  
Crewman 1st class  
Crewman 2nd class  
Crewman 3rd class
CM3 Enrique Muniz
DS9 The Ship


Deputy Directors wear a thin golden line beneath their rank insignia.

Deputy Director Sloan
DS9 Inquisition


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